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Our shop is shapening knives in Tokyo. We also sell carefully selected original knives with sharpness and recommend them as souvenirs from Japan.


Japanese kitchen knives



The Tsubame series is made in Tsubame, Japan, a world-famous metalworking city.

A structure that pursues the ideal sharpness and ease of use for professionals.


Handle with checkered non-slip surface

The stainless handle section is hollowed and is light in weight keeping beauty with checkered non-slip surface.

18-8 stainless steel handle is sanitary in structure and enables sterilizing washing of water / shemicals at high-pressure and high-temperature.


Integrated structure

This kitchen knife is of integrated sanitary structure leaving no clearance between the blade and handle.


Sub-zero treatment

Special heat treatment with quenching at the temperature of 1050℃ and after that cooling treatment below -73℃ provide high hardness,durability and enhance further sharpness.

Kitchen knives can be purchased at stores.

You can only buy kitchen knives with the sharpening hut Killet logo laser-marked here.

Please use it as a souvenir of Japan.


Store name TOGIGOYA KILLET Tokyo head office

address 1-23-12 Nishiogiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

business hours 10:00-18:00

Regular holiday  Tuesday

mail  tokyo@kiretto.com

phone number 03-6770-0120

Store name TOGIGOYA KILLET Setagaya store

address 2-29-1 Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

business hours 11:00-21:00

Regular holiday  Monday and thursday

mail  kirettosetagaya@gmail.com

phone number 03-6413-0105

Corporate philosophy

Kitchen knives are important cooking utensils that decorate everyday dining tables.

The rhythm that echoes from the kitchen knife warms the heart.

However, the number of shops that sharpen nationwide has decreased.


Even if I want to sharpen myself, I don't know how to sharpen with a whetstone ...

The knife has been deformed by a simple knife sharpener, the sharpness does not change,

We often received the voices of people in need.


 The most familiar SDGs


By sharpening the knife firmly with a whetstone, you can bring out the original sharpness and re-sharpen the knife to use it.


It will also lead to SDGs aiming for sustainable production and consumption.


In addition, if the sharpness is good, you can bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients, and you can create dishes that are "delicious," "fun," and "safe."


 Kitchen knife revolution


The kitchen knife revolution that we are aiming for is to make our customers happy with the sharpened kitchen knives and to increase the number of smiles on the table.


We will not forget the origin of "helping people in need" and will continue to devote ourselves to growth.